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June 30, 2013When entering resturants with a bar, do you prefer to sit on the bar side or the resturant side?337
June 29, 2013How often do you drink alcohol?824
June 28, 2013Is religion important to you?593
June 27, 2013Do you prefer listening to bands or solo artists?425
June 26, 2013Do you eat breakfast foods even if it isn't morning?475
June 25, 2013Do you still buy CD's?572
June 24, 2013When you get nervous, do you get butterflies in your stomach?413
June 23, 2013Can you moon-walk?438
June 22, 2013Have you ever had to walk home from a far place?339
June 21, 2013Do you like the idea to replace the random poll questions into songs you can vote on?344
June 20, 2013Have you ever used an online dating website?331
June 19, 2013Do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed?646
June 18, 2013Do you have a favorite alcoholic drink?417
June 17, 2013When working at a desk, do you prefer sitting so that you can see the door?403
June 16, 2013Do you hum as you move along the road?287
June 15, 2013Are you picky?309
June 14, 2013Do you listen to a wide variety of genres?269
June 13, 2013Do go by a nickname or do people call you or actual name?437
June 12, 2013What is the most important thing you look for in a good song?657
June 11, 2013When listening to music with earphones, do you use one or both earphones?597
June 10, 2013Is your ringtone a jingle or an actual song?376
June 09, 2013Do you do anything to help the environment?282
June 08, 2013Kermit the frog or cookie monster?345
June 07, 2013Languages or exact sciences?242
June 06, 2013Do you love luxury?326
June 05, 2013Do you have a song stuck in your head right now?567
June 04, 2013Can you beatbox?410
June 03, 2013Have you ever eaten expired/rotten food?389
June 02, 2013Would you ever fight for your country?440
June 01, 2013Do you text or call more often?341
May 31, 2013Do you fall for lies easily?375
May 30, 2013Do you love adventure?356
May 29, 2013Have you ever driven an exotic car?291
May 28, 2013Have you ever gotten mad over something small?400
May 27, 2013Electric or acoustic guitar?405
May 26, 2013Do you know how many notes are in an octave?465
May 25, 2013Do you stretch before athletic events?267
May 24, 2013If you were getting to go ''boating'' which would you prefer?325
May 23, 2013Do you prefer headphones or earphones?505
May 22, 2013Do you sleep better in a bit of light or pure darkness?603
May 21, 2013On sunny days do you wear sunglasses?525
May 20, 2013When it is consistantly raining, do you use an umbrella or a rain coat/poncho?409
May 19, 2013Taking written notes or using tablets/laptops to type your notes?255
May 18, 2013Swimming in a pool or swimming in one of nature's areas?338
May 17, 2013Do you rush everything?304
May 16, 2013Do you listen to music while travelling?568
May 15, 2013Are you that type of person that does things last minute?465
May 14, 2013Would you rather live life without music or without movies?635
May 13, 2013Do you keep your head cool in stressy situations?326
May 12, 2013Does listening to music help you go to sleep?528